Paul O’Mahony: Paul O’Mahony is an Entrepreneur, Author, Product Creator, Event Organizer and Public Speaker specializing in Digital Marketing & Social Media. He worked for over 9 years in a JOB until he decided in March 2009 that it was time to take control of his own financial affairs. This is when he came across the magic of Social Media. He made his first two online sales on only his second day attempting to sell using Twitter and built up a following of over 30,000 in just one month. Since then, he set up an online business making in excess of $10,000 a month within six months of getting started online on July 18, 2009!

He is now recognized as a world leading expert in the field of digital marketing and social media and a highly sought after international speaker on these topics and is also a regular columnist for the Sunday Independent. He is an MBA graduate and has a broad range of educational experience.



Product Description

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