Did you know that the “impulse items” you see at the checkout line of your local grocery store are some of the best-selling items in the store? It’s true. And the reason why holds some important lessons for your online marketing efforts. 

The Value of Convenience

The Value of Convenience

If you ask your grocery store customer to spend too much time considering the decision of whether or not to buy these items, you will almost certainly lose the sale.

Why? Because they will come to realize that for the same price of the single bottle of ice cold soda they are grabbing, they could practically get a six pack if they were to take the time to walk back to the soda aisle.

Ah, but that would mean they would have to lose their place in line.

And if they stop to think about the gossip magazine they are grabbing — which usually costs a relatively

high amount of money compared to other magazines, especially for what they are getting — they probably would put it back.

The Power of Impulse Buying

Power of Impulse Buying

But the grocery line is moving and they have to make a split second decision on whether or not to add it to their pile of groceries. And since they don’t have time to consider it, odds are that if they are on the fence they will impulsively buy it.

So consider your squeeze page visitor. If they are surfing the net and they come across your squeeze page, while they may not be in a moving grocery line, their time is still limited. That’s because there are literally millions of other pages they can go to that are competing with your squeeze page for their attention.

Cater to Your Customers’ Impulses

Cater to Your Customers’ Impulses

So you want to make your squeeze page as fast and effective as possible. You don’t have time to present a lengthy treatise on why your product is the best, how it has been supported by experts and list a myriad of reports to back up your claim.

You have to make your arguments using bullet points, which is almost a shorthand version of what you are trying to communicate to them.

Remember, the key is to show them how what you are offering … your Lead Magnet Report, which is another name for your free giveaway … is going to solve some sort of problem they are having in their lives or in some way make their lives better.

So whatever your niche is, you need to frame your giveaway as a problem solver using bullet points.

Different Rules Apply

Different Rules Apply

Usually, in prose writing, capital letters, underlining, exclamation points, different colors and bold print are usually discouraged. But a squeeze page is a unique document in which the normal rules of prose are thrown out the window.

The sole purpose of the email or squeeze page is to convert a prospect into following your CTA. As the writer, it is your job to use every weapon at your disposal to achieve this objective.

Having said that, it is generally better to start slow and build up as you get closer to the end. That means if you pepper your prose with a lot of words in capital letters or exclamation points right from the beginning, you are likely to come off as a crazy person, and therefore unreliable.

But if, as you move through your sales pitch, you gradually implement some of these tools in a natural way to emphasize growing excitement about the amazing properties of the product you are selling, they can be effective in getting your reader to share in your excitement.

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