Visionary – Innovator

Leslie Lafferty – Founder

When I started my online business journey I realized very early on that it was critical to my success to have mentors that I could learn from and be supported by. Over the past few years I have had the privilege to be surrounded by some of the very top online marketers and gurus that have really helped me develop a sustainable and profitable company with the knowledge I gained from my relationship with them. Because of this, I decided to form the Executive Alliance Team with one thing in mind and that is to help people succeed in making their dreams come true. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want, as quoted by Zig Zigler. I have a very strong vision to make my team successful with our products and most people look to me as being the visionary to the team.

We want you to know that our goal is to work with you to understand your dreams and then deliver our products, systems, training and service that will allow you to achieve and exceed those dreams. To do this I’ve established a strong corporate team of top-tier talent from countries around the globe.

Meet the Team

Charter Member – Tenacious

Cami Borza

I was an athlete for almost 10 years before starting my linguistic career. I got my BA in foreign languages and while at the University I was editor and proofreader of a student magazine and continue to proofread letters, magazines and books throughout my career.

After my BA I continued my studies around the world which includes a MA in linguistics in USA and I worked as a linguistics teacher on different continents including Europe and Africa.

After getting married and settling in USA I started teaching languages in the public school system. I love teaching, instructing, mentoring. I also love my two little girls and spending time with them. I love outdoors and I love to travel.

Charter Member – Creator

Tara Thurber-Snyder 

Tara Thurber-Snyder is a mother of two, a wife, a friend, a colleague and an entrepreneur finding her path to freedom. Tara has a background in design and photography as well as marketing and social media. She is a full service Creative Director and Recruiter that helps companies grow internally as well as helping them to brand and creatively build their vision.

Tara joined the Executive Alliance Team earlier this year has been a key player in collaborating with the team. From helping to find our vision, build the creative and essentially connect it all to create the vibe of financial freedom. Tara continues to help individuals like you, start and grow companies in many different professions and is as hands to help get you up and running your own business! Tara the Creator!!

Charter Member – Devoted

James Aragon

I am from the Philippines, I graduated with a course of education to be a teacher, I also graduated the Cadet Qualifying Course for Military Services.  I started working at a company called Interetek. Where I spent my days testing and monitoring services for 2 years. This was not a very fulfilling position and I wanted to work with people. I joined a virtual assistant company and gained strong administrative and professional skills in Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe Photoshop.

I am a father of four. I love spending time with my family and that is why I became a virtual assistant, so I could have the flexibility to work when I want. I have worked with Leslie and the Executive Alliance Team for several years now. I support all aspects of their online marketing systems and I love and devoted to be able to help all their customers while building out new products and supporting the marketing efforts of the team.