It’s easy to let your internet marketing strategies get away from you. As your business expands and you get busy with various tasks, you might begin to pay less attention to your specific strategies. After a while, you’re just going through the motions of marketing to your customers.

When this happens, you’ll likely notice a decrease the effectiveness of your internet marketing strategies. You might see a decline in conversion rates, an increase in bounce rates on your site, and less revenue coming in.

If your internet marketing strategies no longer seem to have the same effect they previously had, you don’t need to start over from scratch. There are ways to breathe new life into your marketing campaigns. Here are 5 strategies for refreshing your existing internet marketing campaigns.

Review Your Past Strategies

Review Your Past StrategiesThe first step in refreshing your internet marketing is to look at what worked in the past. Review your old strategies and consider the strategies that were most effective. It may turn out that all you need to do is implement a couple of key strategies that you’ve recently overlooked.

How do you review old strategies? This depends on what you are reviewing. You can start by looking at your website traffic using Google Analytics. Go back to a date when you still received a lot of traffic. Compare this date against your blog posts, social media posts, email marketing campaigns, and any other strategies that you have used in the past.

Rethink Your Social Media Networks

Rethink Your Social Media NetwrokThe next step is to rethink the social media networks that you use. Perhaps you’ve spent too much time posting to LinkedIn instead of focusing on Facebook—or vice versa. Look at the number of followers that you have on each social media network where you are active.

Also, look at the amount of inbound traffic coming from these sites. If one of the networks isn’t contributing to your website traffic, then drop the website. Stop using it and focus your attention on your other social media profiles.

Review Your Most Popular Content
Review Your Most Popular Content
Take a look at your most popular content, such as blog posts or social media posts. If you need help, again, use Google Analytics, in order to find out which posts were most popular. Perhaps you’ve lost some of your focus or haven’t been putting out quality articles lately.

Carefully review your most popular content. Write down the top reasons why you think these posts were so popular. Then, compare these notes to your most recent content. Are you still living up to the standard that you previously set? If not, you may have found the reason for your drop in sales.


Find Ways to Reuse Existing Content

Find Ways to Reuse Existing ContentAs you review your most popular content, you may find ways to reuse this content. For example, you could convert popular blog posts into animated videos or slides. You could update existing content and re-release it. This will save you some time and money.



Consider the Frequency of Your Marketing Efforts
Consider the Frequency of your MarketingEfforts
A final way to breathe new life into your existing marketing campaigns is to consider the frequency of your marketing efforts. You could be posting blog articles or sending emails too frequently or not frequently enough. If you’re losing subscribers or followers, you’re likely posting too frequently. If your numbers stay the same, but you’re not gaining new followers, you might not be posting enough.

Put these tips to use and begin refreshing your existing internet marketing campaigns. Along with these useful tips, you can gain additional help by clicking on the following link to learn more about my done-for-you system.