Executive Alliance Team; We Are Renegades!

Hi, my name is Leslie Lafferty and I have partnered with incredible experienced entrepreneurs and marketers to offer some amazing products for you to have access to, all in one place!

We are The Executive Alliance Team!!!  We are Renegades, who are visionaries, innovators, passionate, creative, motivated and devoted to our clients and affiliates in the online marketing space.  We have let go of what other people want us to be, and embraced the integration of Work, Life and Freedom.

We are renegades in a new modern sense of the word, who are stepping outside the norm, and helping people change their lives.

Executive Alliance Team is a marketing management, business training and education company catering to business owners and entrepreneurs.

We help our clients and affiliates by guiding them in choosing the Right Product for each to start their own successful online business journey, changing their lives and helping them achieve their dreams.

We also work with clients that already have their own products and brick and mortar companies to be successful in the online marketing space. A new kick start to what they have and bringing it life.

Each one a little bit different… Each one a little the same…

Options to give you choices to Live Your Life – Your Way!

But we don’t stop there… We also support our clients and affiliates to achieve success by offering a large selection of online Business Training Education, Products, Systems and Services to integrate in their online business journey. All programs are ready to transform our businesses to success.

Each one of the or Renegades  have a lot of diversified experience which makes us the perfect team to join. So what are you waiting for…?

Join the Executive Alliance Team – The Renegades offering you opportunity to improve the quality of your life! CLICK HERE to fill out our application form and get a eBook gift from the team… “Manifestation Miracle” The eBook will teach you how to Connect With The Power Of The Universe, & How To Tune Into Your Personal Destiny… Manifest Your BEST Life Possible!



We Look Forward To Working With You!

Leslie Lafferty – Experience


Executive Alliance Team LLC
2005 – 2015
Senior Director of Marketing
Connexions Loyalty Formally Carlson Leisure Group
2000 – 2004
CEO, Managing Director
First Internet Travel LLC
1996 – 2000
VP Consumer Sales and Marketing
VTS Travel Enterprises Inc., now known as Direct Travel Inc.
1991 – 1996
Director Merchandising and Sales Promotion
Liberty Travel GoGo Vacations